Boogie Takes A Silent Ride In Brilliant New Video For New Single, Silent Ride

Shady Records signee Boogie has the first really anticipated Hip-Hop album or for that matter even album across all music to start the new year with his highly-anticipated debut album, Everything’s For Sale.  Which the Compton emcee announced a January 25th release date just yesterday and to help prepare for what should be a big 2019 for him, today he premieres the Gina Gammell and Riley Keough-directed video for lead single, Silent Ride.  The new visual is a brilliant, but little at times confusing one that actually starts in forward motion before playing backwards from ending to beginning and even plays some parts in rewind.  Starting with Boogie getting baptized, the day starts out soon after with him stumbling through his crib to reflect on the demons he’s dealing with inside, as his Self Destruction video plays on TV and the influence of the outside find him getting entertained with friends by a stripper.  As he raps the catchy chorus, “Does he find out he is dreaming or that he was just on a hypothetical silent ride that has him dealing with his demons inside, as well as outside influences?  You have to watch to find how it all plays out.