Supreme Court Rules; Same-Sex Marriage Legal Nationwide

A historic milestone in the battle for equal rights has been reached today with the Supreme Court voting 5-4 to make same-sex marriage legal nationwide. This has been a topic of heated debate for decades and has now seemed to reach a critical point on the map.

Prior to this decision 36 states have individually enacted legislation that allowed for same-sex marriage. According to the New York Times, those 36 states accounted for nearly 70% of the nations population. Still, knowing the vote was so close, and there are still millions of Americans highly vocal in opposition is it safe to say they are now on the wrong side of history, and could we be looking at a similar divide that laws behind race have caused over the decades leading to just now a removing of the confederate flag? Only time will tell, but until then congratulations to all of the soon to be partners.


SOURCE: New York Times

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