KXNG CROOKED Continues Weekly Revival With, Halfway Me

KXNG CROOKED kicked off 2019 last Friday with the revival of his infamous Hip-Hop weekly series he has brought back this year and is now dubbed, The Weekly.  Though their has been many copycats since, Crook way before KXNG was introduced to his name and just went by Crooked I, launched the original series well over a decade ago and was in uncharted never before done territory when he proceeded to go a year straight every Wednesday of dropping freestyle’s.  He would rock different famous classic Hip-Hop instrumentals with each new freestyle.  Now with everyone and their mama it seems having tried it, Crook decided to revive the series for 2019 with a new freestyle being dropped every Friday via Spotify.  So for his second entry today he goes over Mobb Deep’s classic, Halfway Crook and flips it to, Halfway Me.  With similies and metaphors of lyrical slaughter, Crook shows and proves with the latest installment why he’s one of the illest lyricists to ever touch a mic.