Nello Rubio Interview With EJ Williams of The Wonder Years

With the new season of the award-winning ABC series, The Wonder Years. Set to premiere in a couple of days on June 14th. I recently got a chance to chat with the young star of the show, EJ Williams. We talk about what it’s like to play the title character in such a groundbreaking award-winning show. As well as some of the things to expect in the upcoming long-awaited very anticipated second season of, The Wonder Years. Among some of the wonderful things we discuss.

Nello for Hey EJ, my name is Nello Rubio with You have had a pretty big breakout role by starring as Dean Williams in the reboot of the classic 80’s show, The Wonder Years. What does it feel like to be playing the title role in such a groundbreaking series?

EJ Williams: It means a lot to me to play this role. Being the lead of a franchise means a lot and it’s my job not to drop the ball. I always love putting smiles on people’s faces and I get to do that with this role. 

Nello: Playing a character like Dean, who is sort of coming of age. He went through a lot in the first season of the show. From the very first episode, where we see him developing his first crush to having his best friend backstab him. To all the emotions him and his family go through upon hearing the news of Dr. Martin Luther King’s assassination. We also over the season see him developing a relationship with his dad by going fishing with him and going to one of his dad’s recording sessions. Also having his first kiss, fighting with his brother and a lot of other moments we can all relate to. Were you are able to use some of your own experiences you are currently going through to help go through some of those as well and if so, how?

EJ Williams: I could use some of my experiences in real life and bring them to the show. Everyone has an argument with a friend or likes a girl. I’ve experienced those things. It was my job to apply them to the screen.

Nello Rubio: Dean is a very charming, witty and determined young man.  Like most of us are when we are that age.  The very relatable experiences and relationships he has with his family and friends.  Are really key to a lot of the great chemistry you and the rest of the cast has on the show.  That makes the show so great. What do you think has helped you develop that chemistry and how has it helped you bring out such great performances from yourself and fellow cast mates on the show?

EJ Williams: I think the thing that has helped our chemistry come to life the most was the chemistry off camera. When I first came to the set of Wonder Years, I felt a huge warm welcome. It felt like a “family reunion” almost. Once we got on camera, it all just clicked. 

Nello Rubio: One big plot that kind of developed over the course of the first season from the pilot episode to the season finale was Dean’s crush on Keisa and all the different things.  From getting with other girls to befriending Keisha’s boyfriend, Broderick.  That he did to try to get out of the friend zone with her.  It isn’t till the finale and we see them get caught in a woodshed that Dean finally admits that he loves Keisa and they kiss. That we kind of see them both truly admitting or applying in other ways their actual love for each other.  We are kind of left with the notion that for the first time they will not only not be with one another during Summer break from school, but they will both be going with their fathers to different states outside of their Alabama home. Is that something we will find out in this new season.  Is if Dean and Keisa do actually finally become boyfriend and girlfriend, and not just friends?

EJ Williams: Who knows? Maybe the relationship will continue. The Dean and Keisa plot has been an amazing piece apart of the show and I’m excited for everyone to see the outcome between the two of them. 

Nello Rubio: Kind of somewhat piggybacking off the last question. Does Season 2 pickup with Dean being back in school from Summer break or do we actually get to see him on Summer break with his dad in New York?

EJ Williams: You’ll see Dean in New York with his dad. From the season finale, Dean and his dad go to New York for Bill’s songwriting gig. The story picks up from there. 

Nello Rubio: What are some things we can expect from Dean and the rest of the crew for the upcoming new season?

EJ Williams: Something big for people to expect from Dean and his crew is for them to have more fun experiences this season. It’s summertime now, and the possibilities are endless for them.