Ben Carson Uses Hip Hop Inspired Ad to Reach Young “Urban” Voters

ben carson rap

By Steve Massey:

Ben Carson is a Republican running for President. He also happens to be an African-American, a world renowned neurosurgeon, a pioneer in his field as chief of surgery at Johns Hopkins, and… he doesn’t like Hip Hop.  In fact, he blames Hip Hop for much of the misfortune that has befallen the African-American Community.  In an interview earlier this year he is quoted saying:

“We need to re-establish faith in our communities and the values and principles that got us through slavery,  that got us through Jim Crow, and segregation and all kinds of horrible things that were heaped upon us. Why were we able to get through those? Because of our faith, because of our family, because of our values, and as we allow the hip-hop community to destroy those things for us, and as we grasp onto what’s politically correct and not what is correct, we continue to deteriorate.”

So, why would Ben Carson create an ad that uses Hip Hop in an effort to connect with younger, urban voters?  What that says about the man is no mystery. Dr Ben Carson is either a confused person or the face he shows one minute can be different from the one he shows the next.

The new ad simply shows that he is not to be trusted when it comes to reaching out to young people.

The artist in the ad is Aspiring Mogul, a Georgia man. He explained why he did the ad for Carson, stating:

“I feel like black people are some of the most diverse people on the planet — our culture, our food, our music — everything we do except the way we vote.”

It’s no sin for the man to feel that way. You have to wonder though, if the artist isn’t selling out in order to please a candidate who blames an entire culture for things that have gone wrong over the years.