Mila J Completes Year-Long EP Series With December 2018, Big Plans For 2019

Very soulfully honest and a very open book, 2018 was quite the transformative life-changing and altering year for Los Angeles singer/songwriter, dancer and sometimes rapper, Mila J.  Dropping 12 EP’s in 12 months for an EP released over every month of 2018, I don’t think I’ve seen an artist truly grow and evolve as an artist over the course of a single calendar year as much as Mila did.

Taking us on a journey of love, growth and artistry not only as an artist, but the actual person behind it, Jamila Chilombo, from January to February, March and every month in between until December.  It’s no surprise that she saved her best for last with the recently released, December 2018.

Opening with the very beautiful, Tell Me About It, you can hear all the emotions in Mila’s very minimalistly beautiful smooth vocals. As she sings the very relatable chorus, “It’s been a long year.  Tell me about it, tell me about it.  I’ll just say I’m thankful I’m still here.  Tell me about it, tell me about it.”  Which we can all truly feel with the long, but great journey we as fans and supporters went through with Mila throughout the whole year for her phenomenally great growth as an artist, songwriter and just actual person she put all out there for us to follow and grow along with her.  That included the many ups and downs of falling in and out of love, as well as several other ups and downs she as Jamila went through in her actual personal life that poured into her music as well throughout the course of the year.  In a way we can all really relate and made her music and growth as an artist turn into some of the best music of her career.  Which continues as the EP so perfectly and seamlessly segues into standout, Lookin Back At It.  Another truly emotional minimalist record that finds Mila honestly singing about no longer “lookin back at it.”  In regards to a former crush and relationship she thought was more and she’s now truly over.

As we get to the midway point of the project with, Big Plans, Mila shows like she has throughout the course of the year.  That she sounds her best when she sings so honestly over very minimalist, mostly soulfully acoustic stripped-down production.  As it helps put a spotlight on Mila’s very soulfully smooth and unique minalimist vocals.  Which is really put on full display with the very emotional lyrics and chorus she sings on the record, so honestly about thinking of a relationship she was previously in would be even bigger than it was.  You could almost feel like she has tears in her eyes from the emotions and heartbreak she put into the song.  But it was also probably a blessing as well.  As God is sure to have even bigger plans in the new year and beyond for Mila not only in her music and art, but perhaps even her actual personal life as Jamila.

Like he did on every EP released over the course of 2018 except for January 2018, singer MIGH-X appears as the lone feature.  Once again almost virtually stealing the spotlight from Mila on her own EP by him giving such a soulfully great performance on, The Long Run.  A very soulfully great record that truly shows off MIGH-X’s very soulful and heavenly vocals.

Mila then closes out the EP and ends her yearly great campaign with what’s easily her most beautifully written and inspiring record thus far of her career, Let’s Change The World.  A very beautiful and inspiring piece of art about changing the world for the better and that’s really needed right now.  Almost like Mila’s own version of the late great Michael Jackson’s timeless classic, Heal the World.  She pours all of her heart and soul into this very inspiring and motivational record that truly shows how much she has really grown as an artist and songwriter over the course of the last year.  While also showing how much bigger and impactful her actual debut album will be when she finally releases it.  Now that she has perfected the art of great EP’s, it’s about time she is finally able to release an actual full-length album.  Which me and the rest of her fans and supporters will be eagerly awaiting and anticipating, as well as the sure to be impending announcement of a tour from her as well.  God definitely has some long well-deserved and overdue big plans for Mila J for 2019 and beyond, which I can’t wait to see come to fruition in this new year for such a truly great talent.