Grafh Releases Powerful New Single, Killing Kings ft. Ray Emmanuel, Mysonne & Sly Pyper

While 2020 and this first year of the new decade has been a pretty trying time for so many of us. One person who has had a pretty solid year despite it all. Is longtime underground New York street staple and emcee, Grafh.

Releasing his third and final installment of his mixtape trilogy with DJ Green Lantern. The, Oracle III, earlier this year. Grafh looks to keep that momentum and good energy from that project. Going into the release of his appropriately titled new album, Good Energy. That’s set for a Sept. 18th release.

Grafh feels now is the perfect time to release such a project. Having the following to say in a statement along with the recent announcement of the release. “Good Energy, is just that, it’s a vibe. After the pandemic and all of the social injustice, we as a people are subjected to every day, I wanted to give the people some Good Energy.”

Today with a little over two weeks till the albums release. Grafh delivers the second single from it. With the very powerful and soulful new Blacknailz-produced, Killing Kings. That features upcoming emcee Ray Emmanuel and fellow N.Y. underground street staple and legend, Mysonne. As all three emcees addresses the senseless and innocent killings in the Black community. That need to be stopped and changed. So they can grow up to be king’s. With Sly Pyper also providing the very soulfully amazing hook.

Mysonne closing verse. Where he raps, “There’s no justice, no peace. You want peace, we need justice. That’s why them young boys in these streets like, fvck it. Enough is enough. We going to bring this shit to an end. You lucky we just want justice and not revenge. You motherfvckers pretending you ain’t killing us. Now it’s time for you to deal with this anger you instilled in us. No it ain’t no killing us. We tried that. I just shed a tear instead of a prayer where George Floyd died at.” Just a taste of how so many in the Black community feel about the social injustices they have had to face throughout their lives. That shouldn’t be as big of an issue anymore as they still are.