Grafh & Royce Da 5’9” Aren’t Going To Let Any Agenda Sway Them In New Video

Grafh & Royce Da 5’9” aren’t going to let any misguided agenda force them to be anything they’re not.  Which is raw real street lyrics and punchlines rooted in real and not some fake or made up agenda(s) by some corporation.

Such is the case on one of their latest collaborations, Agenda.  Which is off Grafh’s just released in March latest street album with DJ Green Lantern the, Oracle III.  That the Queens emcee premiered earlier today through The Fader, the new Joe Dirt-directed video.

Grafh telling The Fader, “I’m just here to create.  The idea behind Royce & I making “Agenda” is to bring the power back to the artists.  Collectively, we & the people decide what’s hot, not some placement slots.” When explaining the meaning behind the collaboration.  Also adding, “Royce is one of my favorite artists, so collaborating with him is always an honor.  With the world being disrupted, we are starting to see the ride of “the agenda” in every sense of the word.  The music is the only thing I trust right now.”

Already the fourth visual from the project.  It finds Grafh taking flight and later going through the terminal, before showing off his designer drip walking through a motel.  Before meeting up with Royce at an art museum for both emcees to really show off the art of straight fire punchline after punchline and true emceeing.  You can see why Grafh said what he said in the statement about the record, collaboration and video.  Which you can watch below to help partially stop people with bad agendas in at least some of the music.