KXNG CROOKED Proves Why He’s The Illest Emcee Alive On Newest Weekly, Bishop

As we enter week 11, KXNG CROOKED continues to kill instrumentals at a rapid pace and just get even better with each installment of, The Weeklys.  His latest, Bishop, is no different, as only a week after dropping arguably his best installment of his new weekly series this year, Crook one ups himself again.  The Dizz-produced flip of Ice Cube’s all-time classic and a very timeless favorite by many, Bird in the Hand, finding the Long Beach emcee showing once again why he’s not only the illest lyricist alive and arguably the illest emcee right now, but one of the illest lyricists and emcees of all-time period.

Crooked sounding as hungry as ever and like a brand new artist that is trying to prove himself as the illest.  With such standout bars as, “I bet the witness scared as shit.  As they sketch the images for the detectives trying to stop my weekly murder spree.  Rap media talk about rappers like they ain’t heard of me!  Discussing the best bar-for-bar.  I hear Royce, I hear Em, I hear Thought, I hear Lupe.  Hear Kendrick, hear Cole, hear a whole lot of rappers that will tell you to your face.  When Crooked spits, Murder is the Case.”  Just further proving it.

Each line just further one upping the last one and showing why when it comes to true lyricism and emceeing, Crooked is just on a whole other out of this planet realm right now that not really anyone is touching.  Which is why so many other so called rappers don’t even try to refer to themselves as emcees or compete with him.  Only a really select few emcees, truly emceeing anywhere close to what he is now.