New The Game – True Colors/It’s On

Westcoast emcee, The Game has been on fire for the past year plus with his many releases, from The Documentary 2 last October to his soundtracks for Streets of Compton this past June and Block Wars just this past July, it has been a busy time and especially this summer, for one Chuck Taylor.  Currently on tour and getting set to release his highly anticipated latest proper new solo album, the autobiographical, 1992, on Oct. 14th.  Which ironically enough is nearly a little over a year to the release of his latest proper solo album, The Documentary 2.  With pre-orders for the album going live late last night, the Compton native gave us the latest track from the album, True Colors/It’s On.  Split into two parts, the first part is Game giving an autobiographical account of a time during his life when gang violence was present throughout his childhood growing up in the inner cities of Los Angeles County and how his mother and father met, while also leading to his birth over a crazy vigorous Bongo production, which has them paying homage to early Westcoast rappers, by sampling Ice-T’s bone-cracking 1988 classic, Colors.  Updating the classic tracks buzzing trademark with an updated really chilling and vigorous super rapid-fire modern drum programming, the L.A. native also raps about the relationship his father had with noted former gang member and Crips founder Tookie Williams.  While the second part of the double-single is Game putting the spotlight on upcoming Los Angeles rapper Osbe Chill.  Listen below to the latest Westcoast banger from The Game, which you can also get for free when you pre-order his new album on iTunes.

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