Tinashe Naturally Brings All The Energy On Very Amazing Debut Lollapalooza Performance

Tinashe hypes up the crowd during her Friday afternoon set on the Coinbase stage for the second day of Lollapalooza on July 29, 2022. Photo courtesy of Brandleighh

Tinashe and the Lollapalooza crowd at the Coinbase stage where ready to get two on. As she made her long overdue and highly-anticipated debut Lollapalooza performance Friday afternoon. With a pretty great and energetic crowd. As decked in a white brownish beige top with silver joggers with a matching brownish beige hat. After a countdown to her performance. With her backing guitarist and drummer already playing and her dancers already coming out to warmup the crowd. Tinashe went into her DJ Mustard-produced debut smash single, 2 On.

The world-renowned R&B/Pop superstar kept the energy going. As she went into energetic hit single, All Hands on Deck. Really showing off her great choreographed dance moves with her backing dancers. As she went into her lead single from her album, Songs for You. With, Die a Little Bit. Before slowing things down and sitting down. As she poured her heart out singing, Touch & Go. Somewhat bringing back a little energy. As Tinashe naturally and so effortlessly sang and slide her way back and forth across stage. While singing the catchy lyrics about a true love she’s seeking on her single, Naturally.

Tinashe showing what a naturally great and versatile performer she is. As she so naturally and seamlessly went into her energetic singles, Hopscotch, Throw a Fit, Link Up, Like I Used To and X. Tinashe then taking an outfit change break.While her guitarist jammed out solo and showed what a truly great performer he is too. Now with a jacket in town and stepping up to the mic. Tinashe showed her truly great vocals. As she sang the heartfelt lyrics to, Small Reminders. While she asked the crowd to clap along with her. That portion of the performance. Tinashe really showing off her naturally amazing angelic vocals. As she went into more slow tempo records like, Life’s Too Short, Story of Us, and Feelings.

The very beautifully talented singer and songwriter rocking out. Before going into another outfit change of what she wore when first coming out. Her backing dancers really showing off their very amazing dance moves. While Tinashe took a break before coming back with the very energetic recent dance single, HMU for a Good Time. Slowing things down and sitting again as she belted her very amazing guest vocals from Snakehips single, All My Friends. Bringing the energy back up for No Drama, Cash Race and of course her very energetic booty bouncing single, Bouncin.

Tinashe and her backing dancers truly showing off their booty bouncing skills as something to remember. To really end such an energetic and amazing performance on such a high note. That I am sure will be remembered as one of Lollapalooza’s best performances of the whole weekend. As well as having the organizers for the festival in Chicago’s famed Grant Park. Truly ready to embrace, Tinashe, even more. To bring her back in only a few more years to perform again at an even more prime time slot.