About Hip Hop Democrat, Inc.

Hip Hop Democrat, Inc. is a media company committed to educating, informing, and entertaining fans of Hip Hop and its culture and exposing its influence socially, economically, and politically. We are also dedicated to expanding the platform for issues regarding urban communities that the hip hop industry/culture can positively influence. By doing this we hope to help Hip Hop evolve into a tool for social change.

The Hip Hop Democrat is also devoted to helping reform the current state of the music industry through various outlets available, giving in depth insight and assistance from within the music industry. As well as helping existing independent artists continue the tradition of entrepreneurship in Hip Hop by offering specific content geared towards potential growth within the industry.

About TheHipHopDemocrat.com

TheHipHopDemocrat.com is the online home of Hip Hop Democrat, Inc. an online community of Hip Hop and political enthusiasts dedicated to creating lasting social change with the resources to build campaigns, amplify projects and perpetuate grassroots movements.

TheHipHopDemocrat.com offers an array of tools, content, web and mobile technologies, as well as a network of members ready to take action on a variety of social issues to create sustainable movements.

TheHipHopDemocrat.com is a community of bloggers, on-the-ground organizers, activists, entrepreneurs and artists that come together to create an environment that attracts, informs and engages activist to change the world through Hip Hop.

Since its launch on Oct. 15, 2008, TheHipHopDemocrat.com has averaged more than 20,000 monthly visitors and more than 50,000 impressions. The Hip Hop Democrat has already been featured in the Red Eye, a daily edition of the Chicago Tribune, popular urban niche sites such as GlobalGrind.com, has been voted one of the Top 20 Word Press blogs by WPHost.com, and most recently been nominated for “Site of the Year” by the Chicago Independent Awards.


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