The Game Brings Straight Bars On Very Fire New L.A. Leakers Freestyle

When it comes to some of the top emcee’s not only on the Westcoast, but in Hip-Hop period. You know veteran, The Game, is a certified living legend. Who always brings the bars. Whenever he stops by the world-renowned L.A. Leakers Liftoff show on Power 106 LA. In his hometown. To once again give bars for the very popular freestyle series from famed duo of DJ’s and producers, Justin Credible and DJ Sourmilk. Which he is no stranger to. Dropping several of the shows top ever freestyles.

With his highly-anticipated newest solo album, Drillmatic. Finally set to drop in the coming weeks on, Aug. 12th. You know Game had to make a stop by to give some fiery bars over an exclusive Hit-Boy beat. The Compton giving several witty punchlines and hard-hitting bars. Such as, “Lyrically, miraclly, spiritually. Here in the flesh. How am not Top 5. N***as appear to be deaf. So I throw up gang signs. You understand me now?” As well as, “Back to my roots. Freestlying to these black thoughts.” Plus, “I am here masking up with the masking tape. Fiends knocking at the door. We closed don’t ask for Ye. You see an Aftermath chain? Then don’t ask for Dre. I am a legend now. Fvck when I pass away.” Showing why he’s still among the top emcee’s.