Backed By Impressively Explosive, Funky Live Band, Bibi Bourelly Gives One Of Lollapalooza’s More Soulfully Best Performances So Far

Opening any day of Lollapalooza is never an easy task, but Def Jam signee, Bibi Bourelly, who is more known for her work as a singer/songwriter that co-wrote Rihanna’s hit single, B*^ch Better Have My Money, was definitely up for the task on the second day of Lolla on Friday at Grant Park in Chicago.  That was until she was pushed from her originally scheduled opening noon slot, until a little bit more prime 1:45 pm afternoon slot on the Lake Shore stage, after a last-minute cancellation from The Pretty Reckless.

It gave Bourelly, who opened her set by asking, the what now seems impromptu question most artists ask before they begin their sets, “Are you ready to turn up, Chicago?,” the advantage of a much larger crowd.  Which she more than likely wouldn’t have had, had she played at her original slot.

The singer used it to her advantage too.  As backed by her very impressively explosive, funky live band, Bourelly played by far not only one of the better sets of the afternoon, but of the whole day two and possibly even the first two days.  It showing most when she sung her most popular record to date, Ballin.  One of her more soulful and truly relatable records.  Which the backing live band compliments so perfectly with the true soulfulness and honesty she sings with on that record.

On really smooth minimalist tongue-in-cheek R&B records like, Boys Lie 🙁 with its slowed-down guitar string-driven background and the very honest slowed-down piano-driven, CAMOUFLAGE, it really complimented Bibi’s vocals very well and showed how truly talented of not only a singer, but performer she’s.  The band adding so much more to the live experience and really allowing to show how truly talented Bourelly is.

Building up to more powerful Pop-type anthems, like, Poet, which Bourelly said she wrote, “about a boy” she, “was obsessed with.”  That record is one that really shows that she wrote records for Rihanna before and with confident, clear and strong vocals of her voice when she performed it, it really showed how much bigger Bourelly can still get.  Also showing if not next year, that she will definitely be back playing Lollapalooza again in a few more years, at a more prime slot as well.