Keyshia Cole Feels Her Man Is Incapable Of Love, In Timeless Old School Feeling New Visual, Incapable

Singer Keyshia Cole takes it back to that timeless old school classic feel, in her new Mike Ho-directed video for her latest heartwrenching, woman scorned anthem, Incapable.  Which finds Keyshia entering an old school speakeasy with her man, in what appears to be a loving relationship between the two.

That’s until KC quickly overhears, low and behold that her man is incapable of loving her back and stepping out with another woman.  So wearing a sleeveless starch white top and white brim hat with red gloves to match her red lipstick, she quickly then takes the stage to vent her romantic frustrations and give a very heartfelt and moving rendition of her very soulful record, from her upcoming highly-anticipated new album, 11:11 Reset.

With the audience joining along as background dancers for Cole, the visual, which was first premiered by Vevo yesterday, plays out before she’s able to get her revenge or does she?  You need to watch to find out and see what eventually happens with their, what at first appeared happy relationship.

Incapable is the latest of Keyshia’s three singles, (You and the just the other day released Best Friend being the other ones) off her new album to get the visual treatment.  This playing more like a movie or short film than an actual video and giving you that timeless old-school classic R&B feel videos like Michael and Janet Jackson, used to make did.  You can look for KC’s new album to drop in a little less than two weeks on Oct. 20th.