DJ Muggs Delivers Cinematically Eerie New Soul Assassins Single, Dump On Em feat. B-Real, MC Ren & Ice Cube 

With Hip-Hop’s 50th anniversary being celebrated by many today in several different ways. From events to new music and everything else in between. You know legendary and iconic groundbreaking producer, DJ Muggs, of Cypress Hill and Soul Assassins. Couldn’t let things go by without releasing a brand new Soul Assassins single, Dump On Em. To show the Westcoast and Los Angeles contributions to Hip-Hop.

Giving us a very cinematically eerie new track that finds Muggs recruiting three of the best Westcoast emcees now or ever in B-Real, MC Ren and Ice Cube. As they proceed to show why with such lyrics as, ”I am the villain, I know you know this. These other n***as compared to me is straight bogus. I am the one they call villain. You call osiris, they got these n***as with virus.” From Ren. While Cube added such lyrical prowess as, ”Universal laws, now we in them jaws of them dirty dogs. Got em dumping trash. Got a dump a stash. Bullshit lawyer. Got em dumping cash. He ain’t Johnny Cash. He drove a Pontiac. Shouldn’t have mixed the cocaine in the cognac.”

Muggs rightfully so, very excited about the collaboration. Which he had the following to say in a statement, ”Cypress Hill meets N.W.A.!  “Dump On Em” is the meanest sh*t to hit the streets in a long time.”

The new track is also the latest from Muggs highly-anticipated and long-awaited third Soul Assassins album. Appropriately titled, Soul Assassins 3: Death Valley and will be dropping in a couple of weeks on Aug. 25th.