THEY. Release Playfully Infectious Sure To Be New Summer Jam, Play Fight ft. Tinashe

Upcoming Los Angeles R&B duo, THEY., bring the nostalgic feel-good and playful vibes on their very infectious new single, Play Fight. Which features the great and super talented, Tinashe. The new record between all three L.A. natives. Giving off those very nostalgic, yet still fresh vibes of a lot of the classic late 90’s and early 2000’s R&B. That the duo has clearly been hugely influenced by. The new collaboration harkens back to the feel-good Summer jams of those years. That often featured a male and female. Whether it be, Ja Rule and Ashanti, or Jay-Z and Mya. To even Nelly and Kelly Rowland. This one between THEY. and Tinashe, with its very flirty and infectiously playful tone. Definitely has that feel and is an almost guaranteed Summer jam. That will be remembered as such not only now, but years from now. It comes at a time we can all use more playfully flirty feel-good fresh music like this too.

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