Robin Thicke Makes Love Look Easy, In Beautiful Soothing & Nostalgic New Video, For Beautifully Soothing New Single, Look Easy

Robin Thicke really makes things look so easy in his beautifully soothing and nostalgic new video, Look Easy. That premiered earlier today through Vevo. The very beautifully soothing and amazing newest single from his just released highly-anticipated new solo album, On Earth, and in Heaven.

The new visual finds Robin showing how effortless it is for him to make such beautifully soothing and nostalgic music. Opening up with him literally falling from the sky as if he was coming from heaven into water and back to the shores of earth. The guitar-driven record then finds the singer chasing after a woman. As he sings and asks, “How do you make love look so easy?” Robin enters a house where he sees old music videos of his playing on several TVs to really give the video that truly nostalgic loving feel of the record.

If you watch the rest of the very beautiful and nostalgic video. It plays like Robin actually going through all the different hoops he has to. That most of us can relate to about having to go through to find that one true love that makes loving look so easy. When it always isn’t. It’s a very amazing video and record though. That coincides with the release of his new solo album. That comes just in time for Valentine’s Day. Which is just a couple of days away. It’s perfect for those who celebrate the holiday, are in love, seeking love or even the hopeless romantics holding out for one day finding love when they may least expect it.