Freddie Gibbs Premieres Beautifully Cinematic New Video, Scottie Beam ft. Rick Ross

With Freddie Gibbs and The Alchemist’s, Alfredo, album still easily one of the top three albums of the year. As well as arguably the Best Hip-Hop album to drop so far here in 2020. Gibbs premiered today just a few short hours ago the new JMP-directed video for the Rick Ross-assisted, Scottie Beam. That sees Freddie on the run in Miami with his own Scottie Beam lookalike, after a routine traffic stop of him goes bad. Already easily not only the best track on the album, but one of the top tracks of the year so far period. That makes you think that you couldn’t like it even more than you already do. Gibbs and director JMP are able to give us such a beautifully cinematic great new visual as this though. That not only brings the record to life even more, but makes a record that was already so loved by me and so many others. Loved even more too. The Queen & Slim inspiration adds a nice touch too and though she isn’t the actual Scottie Beam, like I think most of us were hoping for. The lead lady he has is pretty dang fine and sexy in her own right, which you can’t be to mad at. Overall a very great visual that’s easily among the best this year and shows how much Gibbs has truly grown as both an emcee and overall artist. These past several years.

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