Mysonne Honors Late Great MLK Jr. On MLK Day With New Video/Single, I Had A Dream

After taking a little bit of a hiatus, Mysonne returns for the first time in the new year and decade with more powerful music and jewels on his newest Mark Garcia-directed video, I Had A Dream.  That once again finds him showing why he’s one of the most realist emcees and lyricists in Hip-Hop with his always vivid lyricism and constant jewels, as well as powerful messages he has in his music to try to educate listeners and especially the youth.

His latest new Mafioso-produced record appropriately dropping today on MLK Day in honor of the late great Martin Luther King Jr.  That shows Mysonne giving us his truth and powerful message to help educate the people yet again, just the way Hip-Hop was always meant to be and in a lot of ways how MLK tried to educate his people of mostly colored people and minorities.  Hip-Hop has always been an art form meant to educate and uplift people, but cause of the greed that corporations have brought to it, great emcees like Mysonne don’t always get their just due cause of it.  Therefore making them very underappreciated and underrated, but as long as the underground is still alive there is still room for greats like Mys’, who unfortunately a lot wouldn’t realize were as great as they are till generations from now.

Just as he said in this powerful visual and record with a powerful message, he does still have a dream though and those who are meant to see it will.