Alina Baraz Is Ready To Trust In Love On Beautifully Alluring & Divine New Video/Single

Nearly four months after premiering her latest heavenly ethereal and beautiful new single, To Me, one of this generations most standout voices and talents of the current great rising crop of great R&B/Soul singers/songwriters that has emerged over the past several years.  Alina Baraz is back with her very beautifully seductively tempting and divine newest single, Trust.

A record that yet again shows her very heavenly angelic ethereal divine voice and vocals.  As she relaxes your soul with her beautifully divine and angelic vocals.  That are so beautiful and amazing you feel like you’re taking to another space and time almost everytime you listen to them.  A truly great and amazing one of a kind artist that you can always trust to bring you great music whenever she drops music.  Which is rare with a lot of artists to be so consistently good.

This new record as well as Alina’s last record probably two of her most beautifully amazing so far of her short, but already great career.  Cause of how much a lot of us can relate to these records.  This newest single a very beautifully seductively tempting and alluring one about trusting in love that almost makes you feel like you’re being tempted and seduced by her as you listen to the record.  The just as seductively tempting and beautifully alluring accompanying video with all the beautiful aesthically pleasing neon red backdrops and different visual effects throughout really bringing the record to life even more and truly making you feel it even more.  That drum, guitar and violin build up throughout the song making it that much better and amazing too.  Especially that beautifully amazing violin solo at the end that brings Alina’s beautifully amazing heavenly angelic ethereal divine vocals and lyrics about love even more to life.

The way that violin buildup towards the end, really a foreshadowing that shows how much we can trust in her music to continually get even more better.  Me myself and I’m sure many others can not wait to see how much more great and beautiful music Ms. Baraz continues to bring us.  Especially for her upcoming highly-anticipated debut album, which is probably set to drop later this year after delivering us two amazing EP’s over the past several years.