For Newest Weekly, KXNG CROOKED Asks, How U Really Feel?

As we inch even more closer to the end of the year, KXNG CROOKED, shows he isn’t going to slow down anytime soon with his weekly assault of various classic instrumentals.  Reaching Week #42 in The Weeklys, the Long Beach emcee asks, How U Really Feel?

As he takes on a very dope Dizz-produced flip of Method Man’s very raw, rugged and classic, “Bring the Pain.”  Which is quite appropriate since Crook did some writing for some of the songs currently being played as part of the current Wu-Tang: An American Saga, Hulu series.

He definitely brings the pain on this latest weekly, while showing yet another of his great various styles that make him the dopest emcee alive right now.  Which he has been for a few years.  Such standout bars as, “This is how I feel when I say I’m independent.  I own stock and Glock now I’m really with da bidness.  I’m silly with the penmanship, I kill ’em with the lyrics, yea.  N***as think they down one clip’ll lift they spirits.”  Further proving it.