Conway Gives Those Raw Gutter Bars On New Single, Ghost Muzik feat. Busta Rhymes & Aaron Cooks

With the Griselda Records label and crew of Westside Gunn, Conway and Bunny The Butcher aligning and signing a joint venture deal partnership with Shady Records nearly two years ago now.  Many have wondered when they would take advantage of the deal and who would drop first.

While it appears Conway will be the first.  As just this past Friday, The Machine dropped his lead single, Ghost Muzik, from his major label debut with Shady.  A very gutter and raw street record we’ve come to expect from the GfX crew/label, which features Busta Rhymes and Aaron Cooks.

Nottz eerily haunting violens and production providing the perfect backdrop for Conway, Busta and Cooks raw and eerily gutter street tales.  With Busta also providing a pretty raw and memorably gutter hook of, “Before this fire and this brimstone fall on your head n***a.  Feel this ratchet that will get your face, already.  Don’t do it, stop it n***a, chill.  My n***a, don’t do it.  Or end up in something you and your people do not need.  We call this, ghost muzik.  See how we praying for them.  As we watch them experience and fall away.  Hey, this n***a looks like Casper the friendly ghost.  Another stupid n***a gone.  As we read about them in an obituary.”

Conway himself also providing these raw bars of, “I don’t do the fvcking fake shit.  Look my plug is a fvcking racist.  Huh, He dealing whites only.  Prices, no fluctuation.  Put the blender in the batter like it’s fvcking cake mix.  Bars sharp like the cutlery I cut my steak with.”  Cooks and Busta also providing raw great guest bars that give you the stink face after hearing them too.  But none more so than those ones from Conway that show why he along with the rest of the Griselda crew/label was signed to a major joint venture deal with Eminem’s Shady Records.

This record to build the already high anticipation for Conway’s currently untitled major label debut with Shady dropping later this year, even higher.