KXNG CROOKED Shows Yet Again Why He’s One Of Best Lyricists Ever, On Newest Weekly, MPR

Continuing his weekly assault of any and every instrumental he touches, KXNG CROOKED does so yet again on his newest edition of The Weeklys, MPR.  This time for Week 29, bringing the bars of experience over the Dizz-produced flip of The LOX, DMX & Lil’ Kim, classic hit single, Money, Power & Respect.

The LBC emcee once again showcasing why he’s one of the best and illest lyricists to ever touch a mic.  Giving such quotables as, “My passion is lifelong, spit till I’m 66.  Even when I’m too old to hold my Strong Arm Steady, I empty clips like I’m Mitchy Slick.”  And also, “My enemies tried to kill me while I power napped.  The West been putting bags on n***as heads since the shower cap.”