Janelle Monáe Lollapalooza 2019 Preview

An artist who has been immersed in the arts since she was young, Janelle Monáe, is a once in a lifetime true to the core genre-defying artist.  A true creative genius, who despite receiving 8 Grammy Awards nominations over the years has still never won a Grammy and even despite receiving several nominations and awards over the course of her career, didn’t really start getting the just due and praise she’s been long overdue from most critics till she released last year’s very critically-acclaimed and Grammy-nominated album, Dirty Computer.

A true masterpiece work of art that’s not only her best album to date, but a truly timeless, classic and landmark masterpiece of art that will be remembered as such for years and generations to come.  This along with it’s just as truly timeless masterpiece emotion picture of the same name, showing how influential her late great mentor, Prince, has truly been to her and why many have even said she’s this generations Prince, except in female form.

Like the late great, The Purple One, Monáe has shown a knack for helping others besides herself through the arts with her Wondaland Arts Society, which she founded in 2007.  When she released her debut EP, Metropolis: Suite 1 (The Chase).  Eventually later signing with Bad Boy/Atlantic Records, the groundbreaking singer and songwriter, as well as performer, producer and CoverGirl spokeswoman known for her very unique style and sound, in much the same way Diddy from Bad Boy and Big Boi of Outkast were able to jump-start her career she has done so as well for others.

With the 33-year-old able to jump-start the careers of Jidenna, Roman GianArthur, Deep Cotton and St. Beauty, with the EP, Wondaland Presents: The Eephus, which she released through her landmark joint venture partnership for Wondaland (now Wondaland Records) with Epic Records, just a few years ago in 2015.  Jidenna a previous performer of Lollapalooza himself, releasing his debut album, The Chief, in February of 2017 (the year he played Lolla) through the partnership.

Over the past several years, Monáe, has been able to show her great chops as a great actress as well in films such as the critically-acclaimed, Hidden Figures and Moonlight.  With the latter winning Best Picture at the 2017 Oscars.  Also acting in such great films as Welcome to Maren too.

Able to accomplish so much at such a young age, it’s through music and performing though where Monáe, is already well on her way to being a future iconic figure in the history of music.  Thanks in large part to her third solo album, Dirty Computer.  Where with her various influences from Funk, Soul, Hip-Hop and R&B that shows throughout that she’s an artist like her late great mentor, Prince, that you can’t box into one specific genre or category.

That’s why when Lollapalooza announced their lineup a few months ago for this year’s upcoming 2019 edition, which is fast approaching, it was no surprise to see Monáe on it.  The only surprises being that she wasn’t one of the headliners and that this will also be her first time ever playing Lolla.  Just going to show again why as much credit as Monáe gets, there’s still some instances where she doesn’t always get the just credit she’s due.

Even though that maybe the case, rest assured she’s still not only my most anticipated performance of the whole festival, but the same or near the top for many others as well.  With Monáe’s performance on the T-Mobile stage on Friday, August 2nd, one of a performer I have long wanted to see, but haven’t got a chance to.  Which I can hardly wait for.