KXNG CROOKED Is Ready To, Live 4 It, On Newest Weekly

After tributing the late great Nipsey Hu$$le on last weeks latest installment of The Weeklys, KXNG CROOKED, is back at it yet again and not only is he back at it, but just when you think he couldn’t he may have topped himself yet again with arguably his best weekly to date.

This time flipping yet another Westcoast classic with his Dizz-produced flip of Dr. Dre & Snoop Dogg’s, Still D.R.E., with, Live 4 It.  This 15th installment of his current weekly series showing how Crook just continues to get better and doesn’t appear to be slowing down anytime soon.  Giving off such quotables as, “Look at the culture and everything I did for it.  Young versus old, time to build a bridge for it.  So we can get our point across and be historic.  I want to see my G’s live, fvck a cheap Crip.   See grown men evolve from poor street kid.  To my sister stripping, I’m wishing you not in a position to wanna rob n***as like Cardi B did.  I ain’t judging her, I got a checkered past.  Kinda scary, I grew up in a house of pain minus Tyler Perry and Everlast.  Picture my ghetto ass turnin’ up like a rock record, the heavy metal blasts.  Let’s bet on a ghetto pass and see the future clearer.  ‘Cause when we shottin’ at each other.  We shootin’ mirror’s.  We tore from the same cloth they use to make Chuck Taylors.  More love.  Fvck haters. (B**tch!!)”