Eastwood Pays Respects To Nipsey Hu$$le, With New Track, R.I.P. Nipsey

Nipsey Hu$$le’s recent untimely passing has touched everybody from fans, family and friends, to his fellow emcees, everyday normal people, many NBA players and a lot of other people.  Probably nobody has experienced the after effects more than his Los Angeles and Westcoast Hip-Hop community, as well as the Creenshaw neighborhood he grew up in.

While one of the more noted names in Westcoast Hip-Hop, who is a living legend in his own right and doesn’t always get his full just due, Eastwood, decided to commerate and keep his homie Nip’s name alive by releasing a new track.  Entitled, R.I.P. Nipsey, it has him rapping about how more than just Hip-Hop and the fvcked up politics of the industry, Eastwood and Nipsey had a real bond that was like legit homies outside of the industry.  Which like with many of us, it hit Eastwood really hard and still even is till this day.

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