KXNG CROOKED Gifts Fans With Rebel Party & Rebel Party Package for Cyber Monday

Westcoast emcee KXNG CROOKED decides to gift his fans on this Cyber Monday for helping him reach a Top 10 debut on the iTunes Hip-Hop chart with his latest album, Good Vs Evil, by releasing one of the albums tracks Rebel Party, as his next single from the album.  While also pairing his new Rebel Party Package on KXNGCrooked.com for Cyber Monday.

On the track the Long Beach emcee declares, “We ain’t Republican, we ain’t Democrat. We ain’t none of that. No Independent, no Tea Party; don’t f*vk with that. We ain’t in the polls cuz we in the streets where them hustlers at. F*vk politicians, we kill machines, like rat-tat-tat-tat. We the Rebel Party.”  Listen below, as the emcees super-hero alter-ego aims to lead the battle against racial and economic injustices, unprovoked police brutality (and the glaring lack of accountability), a deteriorating educational system, government agencies that willingly pump poison into its communities, systematic racism and a basic disregard for civil rights.