New Mila J – Erotic City Cover

To be honest not many can cover truly iconic artist’s as Prince and do it justice, but Mila J isn’t just your regular singer/songwriter or even entertainer.  She’s the whole package of a singer/songwriter/rapper and dancer.  Plus many artists can also not say they have as close a relationship to the late great iconic Prince as Mila J and her family did.  Whether it be Mila and her older sister Miyoko appearing in Prince’s Diamond and Pearls video as children (which I partially talked with her about in my interview with her for this very website almost exactly a little over two years ago), going to Prince as their first ever concert or The Purple One himself covering part of Mila’s record, Blinded for his song, U Know, from his 2014 album, Art Official Age, they had a strong connection.  So it’s only right that Mila is the latest artist to pay some sort of homage to the late icon with a “Tribute to the iconic Prince,” as she’s calling it by releasing a cover to easily one of the best ever recorded records from Prince, Erotic City.  The Los Angeles native gives the record true justice by sounding almost eerily similar as Prince, while giving it her own sultry Mila J sound.  You can listen to Mila’s take on the record below and let us know if you think she really did do it proper justice, as well as this being another stepping stone to the L.A. native becoming a future legend herself in the future?

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