New Jay-Z – Open Letter

Jay-Z - Open Letter promo cover

Jay-Z decided to do what he does best yesterday and let loose on the mic with the very dope Timbaland and Swizz Beatz-produced Open Letter.   As Hov gets slightly political and addresses the controversy that wasn’t really one over his recent trip to Cuba, his supposed sale of his share of the Brooklyn Nets and his move back home to Universal.  This is the angriest/hungriest I have heard Jay in awhile on a track and is very reminiscent of his in his prime Blueprint days with the way he went in and straight was going off.  And to think this is just a loosie he probably threw together in like 5-10 minutes I can only imagine what he put together if he was focused like this for a full album.  Shot while he’s in this zone he should just craft together as many great cuts as he could and make it a full album.  Either way this and with how he spit on that B*#ch Don’t Kill My Vibe Remix has me the most hype I have been for a new Jay album in awhile.  Anyways new Hov, listen up you freaking dweebs.