Vomiting in a cab will now cost you

If you vomit inside a cab in Illinois, it’s going to cost you a $50 fee. This will cover just about what it’s going to cost the cab driver to clean away the bodily fluid. This “vomit ordinance” is just one of the new and somewhat weird laws that started on July 1st around the country.

According to the Christian Post, the lawmakers in Illinois passed a new law allowing the cab driver to charge this $50 clean-up fee if you throw-up in their cab. A night out on the town with a little bit too much alcohol aboard might have you owing the cab driver a fee, if you happen to blow lunch while in his cab.

According to the Huffington Post, other states have added some weird laws to their books. Some sound as if they should just fall under the umbrella of common sense. Idaho has taken a leap with technology and now allows warrants to be served via a fax machine with their new law.

In Kentucky, it’s now against the law to release a feral hog into the wild. One law that sounds a bit outrageous was apparently created to make the people manning the voting booths job a bit easier in the state of Virginia.

In Virginia if you accidently leave your license home when showing up to vote, you can use your concealed weapons license as an alternative. Florida has a new law on the books that regulates what constitutes being tagged “bizarre.”

Also in Florida, you can’t shackle women prisoners while their giving birth and a new law won’t allow you to film people inside a home without their knowledge. It sounds as if the nation’s lawmakers have been hard at work!