Music Video: Doe Tuck – Boy N Da Hood (Unsigned Spotlight)

“It’ll be great when I prove that I am the first of my kind to do this.” – Doe Tuck

Doe Tuck (@DoeTuck) ushered out in his Midwestern drawl. Born Alando Tucker, in Joliet Illinois, a small industrial town outside of Chicago, you can hear the friendly in his voice. He doesn’t carry the wired diction native to the west coast or the constantly calculated pauses that come from the east coast. It’s that same familiarity that one will find in his music. But Doe Tuck is not your regular rapper. Nor is he your regular NBA player.

Drafted by the Phoenix Suns in 2007, he is not afraid to say that he has had a successful basketball career. Now he wants to say the same for his music.

“Someone is going to want to sign me after this,” Doe Tuck assured, referring to his forthcoming mixtape Critical Thinking.

The lead track from Critical Thinking, “Boy N Da Hood” is homage to the age-old story of overcoming triumph, but with a positive spin.

“[Usually] Rappers paint pictures for kids that the only way out is to do bad things, I’m showing how to do it in a positive manner.”

View the recently released video for Boy N Da Hood up top directed by Mani & J. And be on the look out for Doe’s mixtape  “Critical Thinking”.