“Should Be Legalized” Eminem – Love The Way You Lie Parody

Miami and Los Angeles based comedian, Steve Berke, dubbed the Weird Al Yankovic of this generation, is one of the new national spokesmen for the reform of marijuana laws.  Berke has released a new parody video based on Eminem’s LOVE THE WAY YOU LIE which features Rihanna and stars actress Megan Fox.   However, instead of a dark and angry video centered around an abusive alcoholic relationship, the video portrays a similar couple happily smoking marijuana while the lyrics of the song convey a strong political message and names a laundry list of politicians and A-list celebrities that have admitted to using the drug.    The video, entitled, SHOULD BE LEGALIZED, stars Steve Berke as Eminem and Charlotte Bruyn, a 19 year old model and pop star from Amsterdam, as Rihanna,.  The video is also the debut for model Valerie White, a spitting image of Megan Fox, and was released nationwide on Thursday, October 21th, 2010, a little less than two weeks before the historic Proposition 19 vote in California.

Berke, a Yale graduate and two time All-American tennis player, was never a smoker himself, but supports the health, social, and economic benefits of legalization/decriminalization.   A former professional tennis player, Berke was consistently drug tested throughout his career.  After a back injury ended his tennis career, Berke appeared on the entrepreneurial reality show, The Rebel Billionaire with Sir Richard Branson.  The FOX show is where Berke founded the widely popular Moosh Pillow, and became the first ever reality contestant to launch a company on a television show.    Berke traveled the world with Branson for two months competing in entrepreneurial adventure challenges and was undeniably the show’s most popular character, being featured in both People and Star magazines after the show aired.You can see his music videos on his newly launched youtube channel, www.youtube.com/steveberkecomedy or on his website www.steveberkecomedy.com.

Two of the largest marijuana policy reform organizations, NORML (The National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws) and SSDP (Students for Sensible Drug Policy), have adopted the video, posted it on their websites, and sent it to hundreds of thousands of their members as a rallying call to motivate voters and help spread the video’s message nationwide.  “I am honored that both NORML and SSDP have chosen me to be a diplomat and ambassador for their decriminalization efforts, and I will do everything in my ability to educate people about the issues.”

“I didn’t just want to make a political statement with this video.  I wanted to mobilize an army of citizens by making the video interactive and facilitating a way for Americans to be heard.  In the past, there was no medium to do this.   But with Youtube, we can reach a giant audience in a short amount of time, and Congress will have no choice but to listen to us.” says Berke.