Kiana Ledè Debuts Beautifully Emotional Rollercoaster New Video, For Emotionally Heartbreaking New Single, Irresponsible

Very beautiful and amazingly talented young singer and songwriter, Kiana Ledè. Has for the most part been relatively quiet on releasing new music since releasing her very simmering and scorching hot single, Ur Best Friend. With fellow young R&B/Soul great, Kehlani, last July. While just the other day Ledè returned with her very emotionally heartbreaking new single, Irresponsible. Where she so emotionally, yet beautifully sings about a relationship in which her supposed man let her go through all the reckless heartbreaking emotions. In which she was fully committed to giving all her love and feelings for, but they knew they weren’t giving them back. Cause they were not fully committed to setting down in a relationship with her. Despite Ledè feeling otherwise. Resulting in such an emotionally heartbreaking, but still very beautiful piano-driven record about all the up and down emotions love can make you go through.

Ledè just a few short hours ago debuting through Vevo. A beautifully emotional rollercoaster Michelle Parker-directed accompanying video for the record. That opens with her in a beautifully stunning elegant white outfit with matching white boots and sleeved gloves. Standing and then sitting as she so beautifully with her beautifully sweet and calming voice sings the beautifully emotional lyrics about all the ups and downs of her rocky relationship with her supposed man. Intimate flashes of it flashing throughout the emotionally rollercoaster of a visual. As Ledè is also seen in a black outfit and beautifully elegantly gorgeous stunning green and red dresses. Singing her heart out while her supposed man hardly shows any interest. By coming close, but not even kissing her and in the end finally walking off. To leave Ledè by herself with all of her love poured out to him. Ultimately just being for herself. The emotionally rollercoaster, yet beautiful visual. Bringing those very emotionally heartbreaking, yet beautiful lyrics for the record even more to life. In a way that makes you love such an already very emotionally beautiful heartbreaking, yet very heart bearing record that much more.