Grafh & 38 Spesh Drop New Single, Finesse feat. Rome Streetz

Grafh, has been on somewhat of a tear recently with fellow New Yorker, 38 Spesh. As the duo have combined for some very stellar stellar singles with Life Is Beautiful featuring Bun B and Stove God Cooks, and Walk In NY featuring Raekwon and Vado. That they dropped this year off their anticipated collaboration album, Art Of Words. That is inching closer to its April 7th release date.

That date inching closer also means today Grafh has let loose his newest 38 Spesh-produced single, Finesse. That features fellow New York underground great, Rome Streetz. With Grafh over the soulful loop backdrop rapping about the work he still sells across the states and his arrogance on not caring that the feds know if he actually still does so. While Griselda’s Rome Streetz also keeps it 100 with verses such as, ”As far as drugs. I been a plug. Had the whole town on E. Them pill poppers putting Molly caps in they Dom P.”