K. Michelle Delivers Beautifully Stunning & Rawly Heartfelt New Video/Single, YOU

K. Michelle is without a doubt one of the most amazing singers, songwriters and vocalists in not only R&B/Soul, but all of music for the last decade plus. Which she proves yet again on her very beautifully soulful and rawly heartfelt newest single, YOU. That sees her over the very beautifully soulful piano-laden backdrop pouring her heart and vocals about a love that’s so painful and hard to let go of cause as part of the chorus suggests she, ”Can’t find another you.”

The very beautifully talented singer and songwriter. Also debuting through Vevo a just as beautifully stunning new accompanying video for the record. That sees K. Michelle go through several beautiful stunning outfits on several various fantasy or travel scenes throughout the visual. Really helping bring her truly rawful and beautifully heartfelt melodies, vocals and lyrics to life even more. In an even more beautiful way for this latest single off K. Michelle’s very highly-anticipated and long-awaited newest album, I’M THE PROBLEM. That is set to be released sometime this year.