JasonMartin AKA Problem Releases New Project, I Owe Myself, Debuts New Video, FUPAYME feat. Nate Curry

Nearly 13 years after his fellow Compton counterpart, K-Dot, reinvented himself as his government name, Kendrick Lamar. With his Overly Dedicated project. JasonMartin, who most know as, Problem. Is doing the same with the release of his brand new project, I Owe Myself. That sees him expanding his sound as not only a great emcee. Like he has been for the last 15 plus years, but also as a truly great artist. The new sounds, honesty and truth he expands on throughout the new project. Truly inspiring, motivating and captivating. That truly shows the growth, maturity and sounds of a champion. With producers, The Melodiks, who produced on all, but the opening title track. Playing a key part in helping build that truly great and expansive sound on the project.

Looking to get old and new fans, alike. To listen. Martin is heard by himself throughout most of the project. With the lone features being, Alexandra, Terrace Martin, Mrcl, Nate Curry, The Melodiks, Rei The Imperial and Dea Galore. With The Melodiks and Rei The Imperial, being featured on previously released single, Frequency.

Speaking of singles. JasonMartin also releases and debuts in celebration/conjunction with the release of the new project. A new video for the triumphant Nate Curry featured standout, FUPAYME.