Kota The Friend & Statik Selektah Deliver Soulfully Motivational New Single, Real Ones

Kota the Friend and Statik Selektah, dropped their very stellar debut collaboration album, To Kill a Sunrise. Nearly two year’s ago and are looking to recapture some of that same magic with their just a few days ago announced newest collaboration album, To See A Sunset.

Kota and Statik today releasing the album’s very soulfully motivational lead single, Real Ones. A record that he says, ”Is for all the real supporters who stuck with me through the tough times and stayed solid.”

The record itself also seeing the Brooklyn-bred emcee delivering such motivational and real bars as, ”Every single hero is destined to be someones villain. Do it for yourself and everyone that make you love living. Can’t please everyone. Everyone’s a critic when you doing what they never done. Thought they would trip me up and set me up for a better run. I’m only tryna be a better Dad, better son, better husband. Safe space if you need to chat and come in. Door stay ajar just to let the love in.” That along with Kota’s soulfully amazing hook he sings on, Real Ones. Showing why he’s not only such an effortless great emcee, but just overall effortlessly great artist.