Nas Premieres Crisp New Black-and-White Video, 30

With Nas most recent critically-acclaimed Hit Boy-produced album, King’s Disease III. Still in pretty heavy rotation and the living icon just coming off his recently sold-out Madison Square Garden headlining show. He decides to revisit the album today by premiering just a little over a couple hours ago through Vevo. The new Sarah McColgan-directed video for, 30.

By far one of the album’s most standout records. The crisp new black-and-white video. That sees Nas positioned as in important figure in Hip-Hop from a cliff in a cloudy backdrop, as well as over an all black-and-white backdrop with smoke rising from the ground. As he raps his very introspective, yet still braggadocios verses of his Hip-Hop dominance for nearly 30 Summers. While symbolic images of an owl, Porsche, fire, plus women also appear. Nas and some of his New York homies are also seen turning up for the somewhat trap portion of the track. Bringing those lyrics about trap and drill current dominance in New York over the otherwise glorious and triumphant backdrop. Even more to life.