Chlöe & Chris Brown Debut Beautifully Magical & Nostalgic New Video/Single, How Does It Feel

Chlöe has a sure to be hit on her hands with her just released new single with Chris Brown, How Does It Feel. A very beautifully magical and somewhat nostalgic record that really shows off both of their beautifully amazing vocals and how they so seamlessly compliment each other. Chlöe’s beautifully angelic vocals and harmonies blending so well with Brown’s just as amazing vocals. To show the undeniably great and magical chemistry they have over the just as great and magical Hitmaka and Cardiak co-production. For the sure to be hit record that samples Usher’s classic, Throwback.

The combination of Chlöe and Brown also debuting through Vevo. A just as beautifully magical and nostalgic accompanying Arrad-directed video to the record as well. That sees her in several different sexy, yet beautifully stylish looks. Chlöe and Brown doing the classic and nostalgic look we have seen in a few of Usher and other classic early 2000’s R&B music videos. That sees an artist with their collaborator walking and dancing between walls up to the back of a wall. Before the wall eventually disappears and the two collaborator’s are then next to each other. As Chlöe and Brown are here. Passionately singing their amazing vocals in close bodily harmony to one another with some small great choreographed dance moves. Showing their undeniably shattering chemistry as artists and collaborators in both the video and song. With their just as impassioned great acting together too. That is a truly great masterful piece of art.