Apollo Brown & Philmore Greene Drop New Single, Time Goes, Announce New Album, Cost Of Living

Apollo Brown has collaborated with many great emcees for dope collaboration album’s throughout the last decade plus. From Joell Ortiz to Planet Asia, Skyzoo, and Guilty Simpson. To name just a few. But I think he maybe on the verge of dropping his best collaboration album to date. With his just announced new collaboration album, Cost of Living. With very skilled Chicago emcee and one of the best emcees not only in Chicago, but in all of Hip-Hop over the last nearly half decade, Philmore Greene.

Brown and Greene kicking off the album’s campaign by dropping today the very soulful lead single, Time Goes. That sees Greene over the very head bopping soulful boom-bap backdrop dropping such introspective and mature bars. Such as, “The organic times was heavenly. It’s like the whole world is forgetting its pedigree. We went from boom boxes dancing to Hip-Hop. To who got the Aux? Dancing for TikTok. My Granny used to make us go back and fight more. Like if you lose don’t come back through my doors. I’m just reflecting on the basics of life.” As well as, “I gotta catch up I am stuck in the time zone. Where did the time go? It is like the whole world is stuck in these iPhone’s. Man what happened to the time? It’s like I am growing with each and every line. Where did the time go? You gotta live to get old.” Also showing and proving once again why Greene truly is one of the best emcees in all of Hip-Hop right now too.

The new album which is due for release on Nov. 15th. Is ironically enough 15 tracks and is all Greene with the only features. Being veteran emcee and producer, Evidence and Greene’s longtime friend and producer extraordinaire, as well as fellow Chicago native, Rashid Hadee.