Sol Messiah Debuts New Video/Single, GOD CMPLX feat. KXNG CROOKED & Sa-Roc

Veteran producer, Sol Messiah, has been around for awhile and though you may not realize it. He has produced from everyone from TLC to Madonna, Nappy Roots, Dead Prez, Monica, David Banner and Boyz II Men. As well as over the last nearly two decades. Forming a very great musical working relationship with very talented female emcee, Sa-Roc. That has seen them release well over a dozen projects together. Including Sa-Roc’s very highly lauded and critically-acclaimed latest solo album, The Sharecropper’s Daughter. That she released a little over a couple of years ago as her debut album on her longtime label, Rhymesayers Entertainment.

With Sol Messiah getting set to release his own Rhymesayers debut, GOD CMPLX. Tomorrow, Sept. 30th. He debuted earlier today the new Justin Marmorstein-directed video for the album’s latest single and title track. That features legendary veteran emcee, KXNG CROOKED and Sa-Roc. The visual itself seeing Messiah, Crook and Sa-Roc in the desert. By an old-school car. As well as by a Mobile gas tank, phone booth, in a cabin and in an RV. While Crook and Sa-Roc over the stellar production from Messiah spit their God tier raps. Such as, “When it comes to spazzing. I been a GOAT. Hit the track with the illest flow. Still leaving ghost. Body bagging a ghost too. No lie, you polygraphing the wrong dude. So true. Me and Roc probably smacking your whole crew. Shooting for the stars. I am autographing your dome too. When I am in the booth spitting. It is a privilege to witness it. Like seeing Moses with his Ethiopian wife writing the sentences of Genesis. Poetry filled with religious images. This is quintessential penmanship. This is it. No more talking. When death comes for you. It’s six coffins for your top five. I left one for you.” From Crook.

As well as bars from Roc such as, “My future golden. You’re absolute like tokens and brick the rail. The holy book of Sa-Roc. Got the glow pushing my tail. Depicting on the walls of Gisele with the Crook, Sol and the flail. That’s Pharaoh talk. Heroes decedent from Pharaoh’s talk. So I go out and point my bullet until the arrow is shot. See my arrow wrapped around like I am a native of Arrow Rock.” As well as, “I had a sec to clear this sex and that of Assata Shakur. Premiered the Metin account with two straps and call it couture. Meditate with a stick of coke pile. On how the best of DC can soak out. Meet on the track and see you almost active. Fans with no probable cause. See I’ve been trying to make it clear that I’m Rap G.O.D. In the new year with power circles. Only C.O.B. I’m out to scorch the earth. Habitually torching verse’s till my author forces the opposition to one knee.” Showing why both Crook and Sa-Roc are among the best emcees and lyricist’s not only alive, but to ever touch a mic period.