Danger Mouse & Black Thought Release Debut Album, Cheat Codes, Debut New Video, Strangers feat. A$AP Rocky & Run The Jewels

Fresh off the release of their highly-anticipated debut collaboration album, Cheat Codes. Danger Mouse and Black Thought celebrate the album’s release by debuting the new black-and-white UNCANNY-directed video. For the album’s latest single that was released just a few days ago, Strangers. That features A$AP Rocky and Run the Jewels.

The new black-and-white visual. Finding Thought with Danger Mouse flanking him. Then Rocky, El-P and Mike. All filming themselves from their phone’s. While spitting their aggressively stellar verses. With Mike’s guest verse of, “Edge of destruction, the world seems on the brink again (Ooh). You think you got me? Ayy, papi, you better think again. I leave you shot in the seat that they sat Lincoln in. I pop you with the same pistol they popped Reagan with (Damn). I’m audacious so fuck with me on a cash basis (Yeah). I’m outrageous, slap faces to tongue tasters (Yeah). I rock stages, rappin’ raw for all races (Yeah). No patience for racists, send ‘em to damn Satan (Yeah, yeah). Cold rages, I stay in God’s divine graces (Yeah, yeah). And all my chains on when I rap, b***h. I’m Ghostfacin’ (Woo).” Possibly the top verse of the year so far or at the very least in the top three.