Danger Mouse & Black Thought Deliver New Black-and-White Video, For New Single, Aquamarine feat. Michael Kiwanuka

Nearly a week after debuting the video for their most recent single, Because featuring Joey Bada$$, Russ and Dylan Cartlidge. Danger Mouse and Black Thought return with their third single, Aquamarine featuring Michael Kiwanuka. Off their highly-anticipated collaboration album, Cheat Codes. That drops in a little less than a month now. On Aug. 12th.

Debuting earlier today the accompanying new black-and-white UNCANNY-directed video for the track. Which has close-ups of Thought spitting his stellar rhymes. As well as Kiwanuka singing his very harmonious and inspiring hook.

Thought with bars like, “The morning star Tariq, I was born to be a teachеr. Whether scorpion or the frog, the nature of the creature. Is to evolve, though it’s the savage beast we truly are. My words should be studied up in Berkeley and Juilliard. All my bars is hard as solid gold bouillon.” As well as, “When they ask how you really feel about my machine. In a class that I’m only in. Alien, horsepower like a Mongolian. Trying to find soul again. But my thoughts corrupt the files that contaminate the console again.” Showing once again why he is still among the greatest emcee’s and lyricists not only alive, but of all-time to ever touch a mic.