Kalan.FrFr Debuts Beautiful New Video/Single, No Stoppin feat. Blxst

Kalan.FrFr brings the beautiful vibes along with his lady. For his beautifully amazing brand new single, No Stoppin. That features fellow upcoming great artist, Blxst. Which finds both the Roc Nation Records signee and Blxst. So beautifully rapping and singing about all the beautiful ups and downs in a relationship. Which they gave all to with their significant others.

Kalan.FrFr also debuting the just as beautiful accompanying Taj-directed video for the record. Which opens with him singing to his woman. As he cruises the streets of Hollywood in a Ferrari with its beautiful views of palm trees and sunshine. Both Kalan.FrFr and Blxst then going on shopping sprees with their significant others. Arguments happening between the Roc Nation rep and his lady. As well as intimate moments at home. Also on display. While Kalan.FrFr and Blxst rapping and singing the beautiful lyrics. With the very beautiful video. Really helping bring those beautiful lyrics and the record even more to life.