Danger Mouse & Black Thought Release New Single, Because feat. Joey Bada$$, Russ & Dylan Cartlidge

Nearly a month after Danger Mouse and Black Thought. Announced their new collaboration album, Cheat Codes. To be released on, Aug. 12th. As well as releasing lead single, No Teeth. At the time. The duo returns today with the latest single, Because.

The new single. Finding Thought and his guest features on the track, Joey Bada$$ and Russ. Giving pretty solid guest verses over the harmoniously soulful and mellow drums and guitars of Danger Mouse production. With all three touching on how many difficulties from the streets to family issues they had to deal with. Dylan Cartlidge adding a wailing nice hook to make the track that much better.

All three including surprisingly even, Russ, having pretty solid verses. But as to be expected. Thought with such bars as, “In the mirror like Yayoi Kusama. Had me turn into Muhammad, to Buddha the Dalai Lama. If I would snatch a shoulder bag from somebody mama. Am I cancerous? Can’t discuss what the short answer was. Hungry as munks, take the money and run. Sometimes simultaneously taking one of your lungs. What I mean is I’ve seen everything that’s under the sun. N***as below the poverty line live under the gun. We all schemin’, savages ain’t vegan, what the fuck is love? Don’t need a reason to die, we die just because.” Having by far the best bars on the track. While also showing once again. Why he is still among the greatest emcee’s and lyricists not only alive, but of all-time to ever touch a mic.