Danger Mouse & Black Thought Debut New Black-and-White Video, For New Single, No Gold Teeth, Announce Collaboration Album

Danger Mouse and Black Thought. Have announced a new collaboration album, Cheat Codes. They will be dropping two months from tomorrow. On, Aug. 12th and that was originally titled, Dangerous Thoughts. By dropping the album’s lead single, No Gold Teeth.

Released and debuted earlier today in conjunction with a brand new accompanying UNCANNY-directed video. To the single. The new black-and-white visual. Seeing the Philly emcee flowing so effortlessly over Danger Mouse’s trippy and somewhat triumphant production. All while a square hoovers over his face throughout the visual. As various images of people and animal figures constantly alternate in the square. For a simple, yet also somewhat trippy accompanying video to the track.

The new track also showing with how effortlessly he flows. Plus gives off such stellar bars as, “I am my own supplier, selling goods to the buyer. The torch to the eye of the storm that’s on fire. The native translator, each jaunt I’m charting higher. They requested my IG, I replied ‘deny’. Tell me I’m in the top 3, they ain’t never lied. Stop fooling that pat cake, the Paris with a ride. The car’s 2 to 5, the doors suicide.” Why Black Thought is not only one of the best emcee’s alive. But still among the best emcee’s to ever touch a mic.