Big Boi & Sleepy Brown Drop Animated New Video, For New The Big Sleepover Single, The Big Sleep Is Over feat. Kay-I

A little over a month since releasing their last single as, The Big Sleepover. Lower Case (no cap). Atlanta and Dungeon Family veterans. As well as living legends, Big Boi and Sleepy Brown.

The duo returns today with their newest single, The Big Sleep is Over. The dancehall-infused record featuring, Kay-I. Singing the island-infused hook. With Big Boi rapping about his longevity and influence over Hip-Hop during his historic near 30 year career. While Brown provides the bridge for the very catchy new record.

Don’t sleep that duo also dropped an accompanying new animated video to it as well. That sees Brown in a garden doing his gardening chores. While a miniature Big Boi, is going through a trip out of trippy things he’s experiencing in the garden. Like seeing a ladybug, he eventually sits on top of and flies on to avoid being stepped on. While also seeing seeing a bunch of ants and flies singing the hook. Both Big and the ladybug joining along. It’s just an overall real trippy and crazy video. That you have to see to believe.

If that wasn’t enough. Big Boi and Sleepy Brown. Also announced that their long-awaited and highly-anticipated collaboration album, as, The Big Sleepover. Will finally be dropping in a couple of weeks from today. On Sept. 3rd.