Boldy James & Real Bad Man Open Doors, On New Single, Open Door feat. Rome Streetz & Stove God Cooks

As we inch closer to the release date of Boldy James and Real Bad Man’s sophomore collaboration album, Killing Nothing. Which is set for a May 20th release date. We get another preview of the album with their new single, Open Door.

The new single finding Griselda Records three latest signings. Over the cinematic and eerie snares and percussion backdrop. With bars like, “That eyeball the work in her purse that hold a rubber grip. Hustlin’ my heritage, nothin’ to turn one to six . Got it out the mud and made it happen, fuck a “wonder if…?” From Rome Streetz. Plus bars like, “Holy Black Jesus. Hail Mary, Troy Aikman. Just make sure you winnin’ when the game end. All my b****es love the stove, not Raymond. Is it flame? Shit, I wouldn’t even know. I ain’t had to open up a whole thang since ’04.” From Stove God. Showing off why they are among the top emcee’s in all of Hip-Hop right now. But especially even more so. When it comes to, “Coke Rap.”