Snoh Aalegra Debuts Aesthetically Stunning New Video, For Soulfully Emotional New Single, LOST YOU

There’s not many artists that tap into the pure emotions, soul and feels of both love and heartbreak. In quite the way as very talented R&B/Soul singer and songwriter, Snoh Aalegra. Is always able to capture. Such is the case yet again on Aalegra’s very soulfully emotional new single, LOST YOU.

The new record finding the singer over the very thumping and futuristic backdrop of the soulful No I.D. production. Singing once again all the soulfully emotional feels we have come to expect from her about an uncertain love affair. In which Aalegra lost a love she didn’t want to leave. Admitting how though she lost that love, she knows she “will always want,” said lover. As part of the main chorus.

Aalegra delivering yet another tell all tale of both love and regret that so many of us can relate too. While also showing yet again why she’s not only arguably the best singer and songwriter in R&B/Soul right now. But one of the best artists in all of music period right now. As well as why she’s mine and so many others favorite artist right now regardless of genre.

Also debuting with the new single, a very aesthetically stunning accompanying I.P.W.-directed video. That sees Aalegra in many divinely and beautifully magical looks. Such as a beautifully shimmering blue dress to a black and white top with matching glasses such as the one on the cover for the single. As well as a white suit with matching gloves. With perfectly stunning magical aesthetics and edits to die for, as she sings the soulfully emotional lyrics. Really helping bring the record even more to life.

The pure heavenly and magically stunning aesthetics of both the new record and visual from Aalegra. Showing that when it comes to the pure art of everything from a performance to the actual record, sonic sounds of a record and visuals. There aren’t too many, if any that truly put the ART in artist the way she does. While also showing yet again why she’s without a doubt one of the best artists of this generation, who will be remembered for generations to come and until the end of time.

This new single from Aalegra also building up even more anticipation. For her already very highly-anticipated and just recently announced third album, TEMPORARY HIGHS IN THE VIOLET SKIES. That drops within the next two and a half weeks on, July 9th.

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